Topics Proposed for 2013 Linux Kernel Summit

August 4, 2013

Miscellaneous Topics

Peter P Waskiewicz Jr Parallel CPU boot (summary)
James Morris Security subsystem update (summary)
Rafael Wysocki CPU power management (cpufreq, cpuidle) integration with the scheduler (summary)
    Morten Rasmussen Power-aware scheduling (combined summary)
    Preeti U Murthy Evaluating the existing implementation of the scheduler and the proposed enhancements for the same (combined summary)
Kim Jaegeuk F2FS file system and NAND flash issues (summary)
Pavel Emelyanov “Checkpoint-restore in userspace” a.k.a. CRIU project (summary)
Kirill A. Shutemov Transparent huge pagecache (summary)
Hannes Reinecke SCSI error handling (summary)
Jiri Kosina cgroups interface (summary)
Jiri Kosina HID (summary)
Steffen Klassert State of the IPsec networking subsystem (summary)
Michal Hocko memcg topics and other MM stuff (summary)
Jan Kara Printk softlockups, mmap_sem in ->fault & ->page_mkwrite (summary)
Anandkumar, CB IN BLR STS discuss on challenges faced in real time systems and licensing (summary)
Nicholas A. Bellinger scsi-mq prototype discussion (summary)
Takashi Iwai initrd (summary)
Takashi Iwai staging tree (summary)
Takashi Iwai multi-tree management (summary)
Wolfram Sang Handling of devicetree bindings (summary, LWN “Device tree troubles” article, LWN “Device trees as ABI” article)
Sarah Sharp (c/o Steven Rostedt) How to act on LKML (LWN summary, see also Documentation/development-process)
Miklos Szeredi where should the border between userspace and kernel be? (summary)
    H. Peter Anvin Interface stability guarantees (combined summary)
Jiri Slaby static checking; COMPILE_TEST (summary)
    Fengguang Wu kernel testing (combined summary)
Benjamin Herrenschmidt scope of tools/ directory (summary)
Srivatsa S. Bhat CPU hotplug rework (summary)
Srivatsa S. Bhat Linux VM Infrastructure to support Memory Power Management (summary)
    Matthew Wilcox Non-Volatile Memory, Low latency devices (combined summary)
    Lai Jiangshan Linux VM Infrastructure to support physical removal of NUMA/memory (combined summary)
Kees Cook hardening (summary)
Ric Wheeler Persistent memory devices and the storage/file system stack breakout session (summary)
    Chris Mason Transactions for applications (combined summary)
    Matthew Wilcox NUMA locality for storage (combined summary)
Daniel Phillips Kernel Logical Volume Management API (summary)
Michel Lespinasse insane cgroups, unfair rwlocks (scalability) (summary)
    Lai Jiangshan rcu/concurrent data structs for kernel (combined summary)
    Herbert Xu Latency through the kernel (combined summary)
Tony Lindgren kernel data bloat and how to avoid it (ARM) (summary)
Matt Fleming EFI Session (summary)
    Josh Boyer stable trees, mainlining fixes, and EFI (combined summary)
Sarah Sharp Kernel mentors for OPW (summary, LWN article)
Jason Cooper hobbyists, stable, devicetree workflows (self-summarizing)


Jiri Kosina stable trees and pushy maintainers (summary)
    Ted Ts'o When to push bug fixes to mainline (combined summary)
    Steven Rostedt [00/19] 3.10.1-stable review (combined summary)
    James Bottomley Handling the Stable kernel, let's dump the cc: stable tag (combined summary)
    H. Peter Anvin tip tree workflow (combined summary)
Jiri Kosina depth of maintainers tree (summary)
Steven Rostedt What to do when a maintainer is no longer available (summary)
John W. Linville maintainer hierarchy vs. the release process (summary)
Samuel Ortiz DT, maintainership, development process (summary, LWN “What's missing from our changelogs” article)

Bare (or Nearly Bare) Attend Requests

Stephen Rothwell process discussions
Jason Cooper hobbyists, stable, devicetree workflows
Mauro Carvalho Chehab maintainership discussions and media KS workshop
Mark Brown stable kernels, devicetree, process