Topics Proposed for 2016 Linux Kernel Summit

August 9, 2016

Go here if you would like to join other Linux kernel hackers in this discussion. See especially the kickoff message from Ted Ts'o.

All Core Topics

Jiri Kosina cleaning up kthread freezer hell, part 2 (summary)
Jiri Kosina stable workflow (summary)
Jiri Kosina How to cope with 'creative' userspace (summary)
Trond Myklebust kernel unit testing (summary)
Eric W. Biederman More useful types in the linux kernel (summary)
Daniel Vetter (group) maintainership models (summary)
Takashi Iwai Regression tracking (summary)

All Tech Topics

Unlike the core topics, the tech topics just have a link to the discussion with no summary, instead just a list of participants and people called out in the discussion. If you send me a URL of summary of a given tech-topic discussion, I will be happy to include a link to your summary in this table.

Andy Lutomirski kernel hardening / self-protection / whatever (participants)
Sergey Senozhatsky asynchronous printk (participants)
Mimi Zohar, Mark Brown, David Woodhouse, and Jason Cooper Signature management - keys, modules, firmware (participants)
Jonathan Cameron Sensors and similar - subsystem interactions, divisions, bindings etc. (participants)
Jiri Kosina Support (or move towards to) LLVM (participants)
David Howells Memory model, using ISO C++11 atomic ops (participants)
David Howells Compiler shopping list (participants)
David Howells Containerisation, namespaces and keyrings (participants)
Wangnan (F) Kernel tracing and end-to-end performance breakdown (participants)
Daniel Vetter kernel documentation (participants)
Johannes Weiner Memory Thrashing (participants)
Jason Cooper and Darren Hart Linux and Safety Industry reviews (participants)
Luis R. Rodriguez Addressing complex dependencies and semantics (v2) (participants)
David Herrmann Bus IPC (participants)
Mel Gorman Open panel for discussing MM problems (participants)
Randy Dunlap tools/Makefile: Fix Many Many problems and inconsistencies (participants)
Darren Hart Linux and Functional Safety (participants)
Darren Hart Mainlining PREEMPT_RT (participants)
Josh Triplett git-series: track changes to a patch series over time (participants)
Andy Lutomirski Secure/verified boot and roots of trust (participants)
Johannes Berg extended (syscall) error reporting (participants)


James MorrisJames Morris Linux Security Summit readout
Mimi ZoharMimi Zohar Signature management - keys, modules, firmware
Benjamin HerrenschmidtBenjamin Herrenschmidt OpenBMC, Linux on Power, powerpc maintainer, memory model, device tree, PCIe
Johannes WeinerJohannes Weiner cgroups, memory controller, MM, SSD swap, load spikes
Rik van RielRik van Riel Referenced Johannes's topics
Jan KaraJan Kara Referenced Johannes's topics
Vlastimil BabkaVlastimil Babka Referenced Johannes's topics
Kevin HilmanKevin Hilman, arm-soc tree, co-maintainer of several ARM architectures, testing of stable and LTS trees
Wangnan (F)Wangnan (F) perf tool, stable workflow, tracing, performance analysis, BPF
David WoodhouseDavid Woodhouse toolchain, types, static analysis, LLVM, memory model, testing, async printk, signature/key management
Dmitry TorokhovDmitry Torokhov Chrome OS, stable process, regression tracking, system boundaries for drivers, device-probe ordering
Marc ZyngierMarc Zyngier irqchip maintainer, sharing code with non-device devices
Stephen RothwellStephen Rothwell linux-next maintainer, maintainership process
Luis de BethencourtLuis de Bethencourt maintainership processes, more new developers
Sergey SenozhatskySergey Senozhatsky async printk, stable workflow
Darren HartDarren Hart platform-drivers-x86 maintainer, maintainer processes, real-time and safety-critical Linux, stable process
Linus WalleijLinus Walleij GPIO, IIO, Qualifying Linux for Functional Safety
Lorenzo PieralisiLorenzo Pieralisi ARM PSCI co-maintainer, ARM CPU idle drivers co-maintainer, ARM platforms code co-maintainer, PCI, power management, maintainership models, stable kernels, kthread freezer, ACPI, device tree
Jason CooperJason Cooper Security (signature management, secure boot, kernel hardening), embedded systems, stable workflow, safety review, code minimization, co-maintainer workflows, hobbyist/recruitment
Jonathan CameronJonathan Cameron Jason Cooper's list plus beer
Mark RutlandMark Rutland device-tree bindings co-maintainer, ARM PSCI co-maintainer, hardening efforts, unit testing, regression tracking, stable workflow
Luis R. RodriguezLuis R. Rodriguez Signature management, memory model, compiler features, 0day testing, complex dependencies and semantics
Davidlohr BuesoDavidlohr Bueso C11 atomics, memory model, upstreaming -rt, regression tracking, unit testing, performance(?)
Jan KaraJan Kara Davidlohr's performance, but need other contributors
Rik van RielRik van Riel Upstreaming -rt, performance, MM
James BottomleyJames Bottomley Storage issues, in-kernel container technologies, security (keys, TPM), maintainer process, stable tree process
H. Peter AnvinH. Peter Anvin tip/x86 co-maintainer, gcc/llvm/icc, compiler shopping list, C standards
Laurent PinchartLaurent Pinchart Probing, sensors and subsystem boundaries, testing infrastructure
Bartlomiej ZolnierkiewiczBartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz Testing, old/rare devices, stable workflow, LTS, container-aware Bus IPC (dbus/kdbus)
Stephen HemmingerStephen Hemminger networking and virtualization (OpenStack, containers, Hyper-V, Azure), bridge maintainer
Ben HutchingsBen Hutchings Stable, LTS, regressions, module/firmware signing, documentation
Olof JohanssonOlof Johansson arm-soc co-maintainer, embedded/mobile, stable, maintainership process, testing, device tree
Luis R. RodriguezFengguang Wu 0day Test Robot, including how it works
Michael S. TsirkinMichael S. Tsirkin virtio maintainer, PC maintainer, PCI maintainer, self-hardening, group maintainership
Mark BrownMark Brown stable trees
Dave AirlieNot Dave Airlie Personal scheduling conflicts