Takashi Iwai: Regression tracking

August 8, 2016

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Additional Participants: Rafael J. Wysocki, Takashi Iwai, and Thorsten Leemhuis.

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Takashi Iwai noted that there has been no regression tracking since Rafael stepped down some years back, and wondered if it was time to try again, perhaps leveraging new tools, processes, and presentation formats. Takashi also wondered whether regression tracking should include stable trees. Rafael J. Wysocki said that it was possible, but would be quite time consuming, and that some aspects were difficult to automate. Rafael's experience is that the effort required grows linearly with the number of releases tracked, which is why he never tracked more than two or three releases.

Thorsten Leemhuis has actually been tracking regressions for a few weeks now, and confirmed that it involved ample quantities of boring manual work. But Thorsten believes that regression tracking would be quite valuable, so his plan is to attempt to automate himself out of this job, possibly with help from things like patchwork.