Topics Proposed for 2018 Linux Kernel Summit

September 22, 2018

Go here if you would like to join other Linux kernel hackers in this discussion. See especially the kickoff and location-update messages from Ted Ts'o.

All Core Topics

Sasha Levin Bug-introducing patches (summary)
Laura Abbott Stable trees and release time (summary)
James Bottomley Distribution kernel bugzillas considered harmful (summary)
Takashi Iwai How can we treat staging drivers better? (summary)
Kees Cook API replacement/deprecation (summary)
Jiri Kosina Handling of embargoed security issues (LWN coverage (Subscriber link, thank you, Jon!))
Rodrigo Vivi Challenges in Upstream vs. Embargoed Development in Intel Graphics (summary)
James Bottomley Succession Planning: Is It time to Throw Linus Under a Bus? (summary)
Daniel Vetter community management/subsystem governance (summary)
Konstantin Ryabitsev Gitlab (or similar) hosting at (summary)
Eduardo Valentin CVE patches annotation (summary)
Peter Huewe Deprecation / Removal of old hardware support (summary)
Dan Williams EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL (summary)
Dave Airlie CoC and Linus position (summary)

All Tech Topics

Unlike the core topics, the tech topics just have a link to the discussion with no summary, instead just a list of participants and people called out in the discussion. If you send me a URL of summary of a given tech-topic discussion, I will be happy to include a link to your summary in this table.

David Howells Kernel lockdown and secure boot (participants)
Wanpeng Li Torwards a more scalable KVM hypervisor (participants)
Tiejun Chen A Safety-critical Linux system architecture (participants)
Matthew Wilcox Project Banbury (participants)
Sasha Levin and Julia Lawall Building Stable Kernel Trees with Machine Learning (participants)
James Morris Security (participants)
Andrea Parri Concurrency with tools/memory-model/ (participants)
Jason A. Donenfeld WireGuard: Next-Generation Secure Kernel Network Tunnel (participants)
Jason A. Donenfeld Zinc: Minimal Light-weight Kernel Cryptography API (participants)