Topics Proposed for 2015 Linux Kernel Summit

August 12, 2015

All Core Topics

David Woodhouse GPL enforcement actions (summary)
Mark Brown Testing (summary)
Jiri Kosina Live patching (summary)
Jiri Kosina Services needed from infrastructure (summary)
Peter Huewe Recruitment (Reviewers, Testers, Maintainers, Hobbyists) (summary)
Andy Lutomirski Lightweight per-cpu locks / restartable sequences (summary)
Jason Cooper Dev/maintainer workflow security (summary)
Sasha Levin Issues with stable process (summary)
Peter Huewe Documentation (summary)
Pavel Machek Mainline kernel on a cellphone (summary)
Joerg Roedel Core Kernel support for Compute-Offload Devices (summary)
James Bottomley Recruitment; Outreach Programmes (summary)

All Tech Topics

Unlike the core topics, the tech topics just have a link to the discussion with no summary, instead just a list of participants and people called out in the discussion. If you send me a URL of summary of a given tech-topic discussion, I will be happy to include a link to your summary in this table.

Benjamin Herrenschmidt Semantics of MMIO mapping attributes across archs (participants)
Rafael J. Wysocki System-wide interface to specify the level of PM tuning (participants)
Jiri Kosina Giving freezer well-defined semantics (participants)
Mauro Carvalho Chehab Media workshop (participants)
Christoph Hellwig IRQ affinity (participants)
Chris Mason benchmarking and performance trends (participants)
Michael Welling GPIO API/ABI discussion (participants)
Pavel Machek FPGAs and how to program them from kernel (participants)
David Howells Overlays and file(system) unioning issues (participants)
David Howells Firmware signing (participants)
Laurent Pinchart Fix devm_kzalloc, its users, or both (participants)
Mauro Carvalho Chehab Media Controller (participants)
Andy Lutomirski context tracking / nohz / RCU state (participants)
Stephen Hemminger userspace infrastructure services (participants)


David WoodhouseDavid Woodhouse
David WoodhouseJörg Rödel
Sasha LevinSasha Levin (discussion of testing and printing)
David HowellsDavid Howells
Luis R. RodriguezLuis R. Rodriguez
Luis R. RodriguezToshi Kani
Jerome GlisseJerome Glisse
Kevin HilmanKevin Hilman
Alan TullAlan Tull
Lai JiangshanLai Jiangshan
Mauro Carvalho ChehabMauro Carvalho Chehab
Josh PoimboeufJiri Kosina
Vojtech PavlikVojtech Pavlik
Seth JenningsSeth Jennings
Haggai EranHaggai Eran