Topics Proposed for 2014 Linux Kernel Summit

May 28, 2014

Maintainership and Workflow

Jiri Kosina stable workflow (summary)
Jiri Kosina “depth” of the tree of maintainers (summary)
Li Zefan stable issues (summary)
Andy Lutomirski Reviewing new API/ABI (summary)
Takashi Iwai Metadata addendum to git commit (summary)
Takashi Iwai Guidance for subsystem maintainers (summary)
Dan Williams Move Fast and Oops Things (summary)

Testing and Validation

David Woodhouse Device error handling / reporting / isolation (summary)
Dave Jones coverity, static checking etc. (summary)
Catalin Marinas Run-time kernel checking (summary)
Chris Mason Application performance: regressions, controlling preemption (summary)
James Bottomley Encouraging more reviewers (summary)

Miscellaneous Topics

Josh Triplett Kernel tinification (summary)
    Josh Boyer Secure boot (summary)
Jiri Kosina live kernel patching (summary)
John Stultz Dealing with 2038 (summary, LWN writeup)
Rafael J. Wysocki Energy conservation bias interfaces (summary)
Matthew Garrett Trusted kernel patchset (summary)
Jason Cooper hobbyist recruiting (summary)