Topics Proposed for 2011 Linux Kernel Summit

August 12, 2011

Keith Curtis Push Towards Zero Bugs (expanded on here and here)
Rafael Wysocki Regressions
Rafael Wysocki and Randy Dunlap Patch Review (Both Manual and Automated)
Rafael Wysocki Power Management (summit)
Grant Likely Power Management Plus Device Model (summit)
Rafael Wysocki Driver Core Summit (some topics here and here)
Trond Myklebust Dealing With Patent-Encumbered Code
Will Drewry Security, System-Call Filtering, and perf
John Hawley Infrastructure of What We Are Doing and Where We Need To Go From Here
Matthew Garrett, Grant Likely Firmware Interactions With The Linux Kernel
Kay Sievers (who tags James Bottomley, Jens Axboe, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Tejun Heo, and David Miller) Structured Error Logging vs. Stone-Age printk()
Randy Dunlap, Jan Kara, Joerg Roedel Determining When System Has Suffered Fatal or Near-Fatal Error
Kay Sievers (who tags James Bottomley, Jens Axboe, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Tejun Heo, and David Miller). Ben Herrenschmidt, Joerg Roedel, Jan Kara, Randy Dunlap, Hannes Reinecke also discussed. Structured Error Logging vs. Stone-Age printk()
Kay Sievers (who tags Lennart Poettering, Greg Kroah-Hartmann, and anybody doing kernel-user interfaces) Writing Sane Shared Libraries: Learning From libsysfs, libselinux, libcgroup, and ALSA
Steven Rostedt and Rafael Wysocki KS Future: How to Handle the Numbers? (Also Event Co-Location.)
Jiri Kosina Trivial Tree: Worth It?
Vaidy Srinivasan Linux VM infrastructure for memory power management
Peter Zijlstra Migration/Compaction, Memory Hotplug, and Proposed CMA
Grant Likely ARM Subarchitecture Maintainership
Josh Triplett Testing and fixing BIOS/platform issues
Michal Marek kbuild (and kconfig) Discussion
Roland Dreier Handling Failure Better
Paul Turner Improving Load-Balancer Testing
Ric Wheeler Unifying RAID Implementations and Providing Rich File System API

And the late arrivals:

Christoph Lameter Esoteric synchronization techniques
Mauro Carvalho Chehab Hardware Event Report Mechanism
Mauro Carvalho Chehab Driver-wide resource locking
Thomas Gleixner Disabling of Preemption and Interrupts as New-Age BKL