Topics Proposed for 2010 Linux Kernel Summit

August 24, 2010

Neil Brown Linux Kernel Core Vision?
James Bottomley Future of the Kernel Summit
Jiri Kosina Newcomers
Kernel mentors [Matt Mackall]
Aggregated to-do lists [Jon Corbet] (but wait, there is more!)
Attracting academic contributions [Eric Van Hensbergen]
More T: lines in MAINTAINERS file [Frank Rowand]
Randy Dunlap How do we get more review of Linux kernel submissions?
Kay Sievers Kernel version number
Kay Sievers Patch/email etiquette
Randy Dunlap Kernel Hacking Session
Steve Rostedt Staging process for new userspace ABIs
Tim Bird Embedded Linux Summit report-out
Ted Ts'o Do we want to do any panels this year?
Mobile (Android, MeeGo, HP/WebOS) [Jon Corbet]
The guy from Virgin America [Jon Corbet]
Air traffic people from collab summit [Greg KH]
Compare development models: chrome,, KDE, gnome [Arjan van de Ven]
Rafael J. Wysocki Kernel quality, regression tracking, and kernel bugzilla
NFS handling of network outages [Matthew Wilcox]
Ric Wheeler Performance testing on upstream kernels
Kay Sievers Error reporting: caught between the printk() and enterprise complexity
Ben Hutchings Stable branches: review, backports, backport failures
Avi Kivity Merge syscall man pages into kernel source tree and Michael Kerrisk's counterpoint
David Woodhouse Legacy drivers, request_firmware(), and linux-firmware.git
Grant Likely defconfigs, device model, and power management
Ranjit Manomohan Scheduler improvements
Jason Wessel Kernel debugger
Steve Rostedt Tracing: The future of perf and ftrace; “There can be only one” and in-kernel functional interpretor
Avi Kivity tools/libkernel/
Paul Mundt Dynamic CPU offline
Roland Dreier iWARP port sharing
David Woodhouse Device-tree update
Matthew Wilcox Efficient handling of million-IOPS storage devices
Christoph Lameter Scalability/performance issues
Paul E. McKenney Real-time, e.g., deadline scheduling
Arjan van de Ven, Peter Zijlstra, and Steve Rostedt Tracepoint ABI Status
Jesse Barnes Integrating big out of tree projects
Oren Laadan Linux checkpoint-restart
Greg Kroah-Hartman Xen, in or out?
Chris Mason Big out of tree drivers (OFED)
Alan Cox Input system and ambient light sensors (ALS)
Steven Rostedt Real-time: threaded interrupts, spinlocks to mutexes, and per-CPU variabless