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Bibliography of publications in the journal Algorithmica (ISSN 0178-4617 (print), 1432-0541 (electronic), CODEN ALGOEJ), which began publishing in 1986

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Nelson H. F. Beebe <beebe at math . utah . edu, beebe at acm . org, beebe at computer . org> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
University of Utah
Department of Mathematics, 110 LCB
155 S 1400 E RM 233
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0090
This is a COMPLETE bibliography of publications in the journal Algorithmica (ISSN 0178-4617 (print), 1432-0541 (electronic), CODEN ALGOEJ), which began publishing in 1986. The journal is published by Springer Verlag.
Algorithmica; bibliography; BibTeX
Author Comments:
Volumes of four issues a year were produced until the end of volume 5 (1991). Volumes 6–16 had six issues. Since then, volumes have four issues, but there are three volumes each year. Some volumes cross year boundaries.
The journal has World Wide Web sites at
with editorial information, style files, tables of contents, and article keywords, from volume 17 (1997) onward.
At version 1.01, the year coverage looked like this:
1986 ( 29) 1993 ( 60) 2000 ( 78) 1987 ( 28) 1994 ( 60) 2001 ( 94) 1988 ( 26) 1995 ( 54) 2002 ( 107) 1989 ( 37) 1996 ( 69) 2003 ( 76) 1990 ( 33) 1997 ( 83) 2004 ( 55) 1991 ( 47) 1998 ( 79) 2005 ( 46) 1992 ( 59) 1999 ( 69) 2006 ( 4)
Article: 1166 Book: 14 Proceedings: 13
Total entries: 1193
This bibliography has been collected from the author's personal bibliography files, from the journal Web site, from the very large computer science bibliography collection on in /pub/bibliography to which many people of have contributed, and from several Internet-accessible library catalogs, notably those of the University of California, Stanford University, U.S. Library of Congress, and the Compendex, OCLC, IEEE INSPEC, Science Citation Index, and UnCover databases.
Numerous errors in the sources noted above have been corrected. Spelling has been verified with the UNIX spell and GNU ispell programs using the exception dictionary stored in the companion file with extension .sok.
Despite the corrections, about 50 entries remain at version 1.00 with uncertain data, indicated by keywords xxauthor, xxnote, xxnumber, xxpages, and xxtitle. Articles are neither available to me online, nor in the University of Utah library.
BibTeX citation tags are uniformly chosen as name:year:abbrev, where name is the family name of the first author or editor, year is a 4-digit number, and abbrev is a 3-letter condensation of important title words. Citation tags were automatically generated by software developed for the BibNet Project.
In this bibliography, entries are sorted in publication order within each journal, using bibsort -byvolume.

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