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Other Bibliographies on Software/Hardware Engineering and Formal Methods

This page lists bibliographies which could not be integrated into this collection for one reason or another.

The Empirical Software Engineering Group at the Univ. Maryland
A listing of books, papers, and technical reports written by members of the Experimental Software Engineering Group (ESEG) of the University of Maryland.
The Software Engineering Laboratory (SEL) at NASA/GSFC
An annotated bibliography of software engineering literature, also contains a table of contents that is sorted by software engineering topic, and an author index. The document has a short description of each of the documents that the SEL has produced.
The Software Engineering Archives at McMaster Univ.
This is the hypertext version of the Software Engineering reading list posted regularly to
Annotated Bibliography of RESOLVE Research
Describes the most-accessible references that you might refer to in order to learn more about the RESOLVE specification and programming notation
Software Metrics: A subdivided bibliography
from the Software Measurement Laboratory at Magdeburg University. A search form is also available.
Software engineering reference book list (files: SE.references.*) by Tero Ahtee (
Description of contents
A hypertext Visual Programming Language Bibliography
Software Engineering Bibliographic (SEB) Database
by the Data & Analysis Center for Software (DACS)
There is a section on Formal Methods Publications
in the Formal Methods section of the virtual library in computing.
Object-Oriented Metrics
is a bibliography covering research into measurement of object-oriented design and programming.
Evolving algebras annotated bibliography by Egon Börger
Formal Methods Publications
in the Virtual Library on Formal Methods by Jonathan Bowen.
Requirements Bibliography
by Alan M. Davis.
ASSET's Bibliography of Software Reuse Publications
International Journal of Software Engineering (ISSN 1815-4875 (Print), 1815-4883 (Online))