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Other Bibliographies on Mathematics

This page lists bibliographies which could not be integrated into this collection for one reason or another.

a very comprehensive list of links to Mathematics servers around the world, including E-journals, preprint archives and bibliographies.
EMIS, the European Mathematical Information Service offered by the European Mathematical Society (EMS)
The Electronic Library of Mathematics
gives access to electronic journals and conference proceedings.
MATH Database 1931-1996
allows unregistered (i.e. nonpaying) users a limited search in the CompuMATH database.
AMS Preprint Server
of the American Mathematical Society
The Math Archives
also offer a list of bibliographies.
Mathematical DataBases
Access to Wais databases and to other mathematical servers
Fachinformationszentrum Karlsruhe
Limited search of CD-ROM databases:
Bibliography on floating point arithmetic
Norbert Juffa (
A bibliography on Intelligent Mathematical Programming Systems (IMPS) by Harvey J. Greenberg.
A bibliography on Combinatorial Games
can be found on Aviezri Fraenkel's home page.
Bibliography for Computational Probability and Statistics
Bibliography for Discrete Event Systems Simulation: Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis
Bibliography for Optimization with Sensitivity Analysis
das deutsche digitale Zeitschriftenarchiv (German Digital Archive of Journals)