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Number of references:163Last update:August 26, 1997
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Nigel Davies <nigel @ comp . lancs . ac . uk> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
The Mobile Open Systems Technology (MOST) Project
Computing Department
Lancaster University
Author Comments:
This bibliography is maintained by the MOST project at Lancaster University. You are encouraged to send updates or omissions to the following address:

or by post to

Nigel Davies
Computing Department,
SECAMS,\Lancaster University,\Lancaster, LA1 4YR,

Copies of this bibliography can be obtained in Postscript and Refer formats via anonymous ftp from (
The master version of this bibliography is held as an Endnote database. If you would like a copy of this database or a version of this bibliography in Pro-Cite format please mail either myself, Nigel Davies, or the MOST project account,

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