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Number of references:299Last update:September 13, 2000
Number of online publications:11Supported:no
Most recent reference:1996

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Luiz Felipe Perrone <perrone @ cs . dartmouth . edu> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Institute for Security Technology Studies
Dartmouth College
Author Comments:
I should point out that the bibliography contains typos in author's names and sometime titles of publications. I keep making additions and corrections to it.

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inproceedings(186), article(80), techreport(13), book(7), unpublished(5), manual(4), mastersthesis(2), incollection(1), phdthesis(1)
title(299), author(295), year(294), booktitle(187), pages(146), month(104), number(83), journal(80), volume(76), institution(13), publisher(10), note(8), organization(4), school(3)
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