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This is a COMPLETE bibliography of publications in the journal Computer Networks (Amsterdam, Netherlands: 1999) (CODEN none, ISSN 1389-1286), published by Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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Author Comments:
Publication began with Volume 31, Number 1–2 in January 1999, as the continuation of the older journal Computer Networks and ISDN Systems (CODEN CNISE9, ISSN 0169-7552) (1985–1998), which in turn continued the similarly-named original journal, Computer Networks (CODEN CNETDP, ISSN 0376-5075).
Those other two journals are covered in companion bibliographies, compnet1970.bib, compnet1980.bib, and compnetisdn.bib.
The journal appears about twenty-four times a year, with multiple volumes per year. It is unusual in that multiple issue numbers frequently appear in a single physical issue, and volumes can span year boundaries.
There are World Web Wide sites for the journal, and its predecessor, Computer Networks and ISDN Systems, at
(or mirror sites with .nl changed to .com (USA) or (Japan)) with tables of contents, links to article abstracts, and subject and author indexes, for 1993–date.
In the bibliography entries below, URLs point to freely-accessible abstracts in HTML form, and to full text of articles in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) form; the latter requires an electronic journal subscription with username and password.
The initial draft of this bibliography was constructed primarily from the journal Web sites.

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