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Special issue on Distributed data management

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Richard CHBEIR <richard . chbeir @ u-bourgogne . fr> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
LE2I Laboratory (UMR - CNRS)
Bourgogne University,
Aile de l'Ingénieur
Office GS-16
BP 47870 21078 Dijon CEDEX - FRANCE
Phone: +333 80 39 36 55 Fax: +333 80 39 68 69
SITIS is a joint event consisting of conference tracks on the themes of Signal and Image processing and the emerging Internet based computing and Systems. The event has two main objectives: 1-Provide a forum for high quality presentations on two themes that are being increasingly related. Moreover, their interdisciplinarity can play a major role in open network environment where resources and information can be used to meet some of the needs of economically developing countries. 2-Bring together researchers, academic and professional leaders, consultants, and practitioners, all over the world to discuss and to share experiences with researchers from economically developing countries.
P2P computing, distributed database operations, multimedia data distribution, location in wireless environment, caching, semantic-based interoperability

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