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Number of references:1403Last update:June 2, 2000
Number of online publications:5Supported:no
Most recent reference:September 1994

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Sarajbit Singh (EDI Archiver) <ediarch @ miranda . ba . swin . edu . au> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
This is a bibliography of EDI-related research and is based upon donations from researchers around the world. We issue new releases of this bibliograpy whenever we have received sufficient new material to make it worthwhile. If you have any additional references you would like to add to this bibliography, please contact the EDI Archiver, Craig Parker, on
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Welcome to the EDI World Institute Agora and Research Database.

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article(503), inproceedings(367), book(170), techreport(145), misc(89), incollection(76), inbook(20), proceedings(15), phdthesis(10), manual(5), mastersthesis(2), unpublished(1)
title(1401), year(1385), author(1299), pages(899), month(610), address(523), journal(502), booktitle(450), editor(270), publisher(268), number(251), abstract(167), volume(151), institution(135), note(88), key(71), type(60), chapter(19), howpublished(19), edition(11), school(10), organization(3), annote(2), jounal(1), months(1), organisation(1), series(1)
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