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Special issue on Distributed data management

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Richard CHBEIR <richard . chbeir @ u-bourgogne . fr> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
LE2I Laboratory (UMR - CNRS)
Bourgogne University, Aile de l'Ingénieur
Office GS-16
BP 47870 21078 Dijon CEDEX - FRANCE
Phone: +333 80 39 36 55
Fax: +333 80 39 68 69
Since the last decade, the evolution and successful development of a wide range of devices connected via various networks have improved and increased the use of distributed heterogeneous data in many application areas such as medicine, surveillance, cartography, meteorology, security, visual data communications, e-learning, etc. This infrastructure aggregation presents a number of challenges where new appropriate techniques are required to store, extract, organize, interpret, secure, optimize and utilize useful information from these large shared distributed and heterogeneous data. Several research topics are emerging such as : Mobile, virtual and P2P databases, Distributed Information Retrieval, Multimedia Data Management, Semi and Unstructured Datasets Distribution and Clustering, Concurrency Control and Data Recoverability Issues, Replication and Caching Management, Distributed and Network Shared Memory, Mobile and Wireless Database Management, Process Migration and Load Balancing, Distributed Query Processing and Optimization, Security and Trust in Peer-To-Peer Systems, QoS in P2P Systems and Services. In this special issue, we present an interesting variety of recent research papers on various aspects of distributed data management and attempt to shape future directions in this field. All the papers we received for this special issue have been submitted to an independent reviewing process and reviewed by at least two expert reviewers. We have accepted 15 papers out of 43 submitted, a rate of 34%, which is highly selective. The structure of this issue is divided into several categories: P2P computing, distributed database operations, multimedia data distribution, location in wireless environment, caching, and semantic-based interoperability.
P2P computing, distributed database operations, multimedia data distribution, location in wireless environment, caching, semantic-based interoperability

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