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Number of references:342Last update:April 13, 2001
Number of online publications:54Supported:yes
Most recent reference:June 2000

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Mikael Berndtsson <spiff @ ida . his . se> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
The bibliography focuses on active database publications (written in English) that have appeared in proceedings, books, journals, and references to Ph.D. theses.
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inproceedings(189), article(84), incollection(35), phdthesis(20), proceedings(7), book(5), inbook(1), techreport(1)
title(342), year(342), author(333), pages(287), booktitle(224), publisher(171), volume(150), series(115), journal(84), number(81), month(62), editor(56), chapter(27), school(20), isbn(11), address(6), note(5), type(4), institution(1)
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